Thursday, September 25, 2014

Annette Himstedt Doll - Yufang

I bought a lot of dolls out of curiosity and Annette Himstedt Doll "Yufang" is just one of them.  I first had Shireem but I couldn't bond with her so I let her go.
 So what drove me into buying another Himstedt Doll? I guess I adore their very lifelike features. I watch You tube videos and they look so adorable. I also keep viewing  other collectors' photos and they are very pretty. One thing I noticed about these dolls is that they are more of the ethnic side not much of the fashionable rich little girls.

Yufang is a part of the 2005 First World Children’s Summit Collection. She is 35 1/2" and is limited to 377 pieces worldwide.She is from China.

She has human braided hair.
She has a lot of markings/tags in different parts of her body.

There are some kind of screws used on her arms. I like the way her arms are strung but I am a bit concerned about her being so shiny. This is something that you should ask when buying Himstedt dolls. Since I bought her never redressed and SOLD AS IS, I couldn't really complain. First of all, she was never redressed and stayed in her box in the storage so I am guessing the seller didn't know about this issue.
I like her a lot but I was hoping she is all vinyl.  Her lower cloth body make it hard for her to stand on her own without a stand. She can sit pretty well though.
As I always do, within 5 minutes of a new doll arriving, I debox and redress my dolls and so I did with Yufang.
She is really fun to photograph.

She doesn't have much outfits at home yet. She can wear size 7 toddler shoes.

She is also a great friend to Masterpiece dolls.