Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mikaella - The 2014 Journey Girls Doll Holiday Edition

I was at Toys "R" Us yesterday just checking out the next big sale when I saw Journey Girls Doll 2014 Holiday Edition, Mikaella. I didn't expect her to be available so soon. I didn't want to make the same mistake last year so as soon as I saw her, I took one home (blonde). This year, there are 2 versions of Mikaella - The blonde and the black-haired one. Both versions are selling for $ 49.99 each.

The 2013 Holiday Edition JG doll, Jordanna was a part of the Paris Collection while Mikaella is a part of the London Collection. The country, "LONDON" is printed below the crown logo. She is recommended for children 6 years old and above. The black & purple designs accentuate the purple gown she's wearing.
 There are warnings written in English, French & Spanish at the bottom part of the box.
The brand name, journey girls, are in three different places - at the upper right corner on the front of the box, at the upper right corner on the back of the box & on the box handle.
 The back also shows the picture of the doll, the photo of a real girl, a short introduction of Mikaella in English, French & Spanish, and other information such as the name of the store, safety conformation, trademark, & series of numbers.
Removing her from her box needs extra care. It took me more than 10 minutes to carefully take her out  but i still ended up damaging the inner side of the box.
She is a beauty in her purple gown and accessories. For some reason, the very first thing that came to my mind upon seeing her out is Raven Queen of Ever After High.
 She has elegant purple gown with rosette & rhinestones, purple shoes, black Faux Bolero, Black gloves, Purple bag with rhinestones, white pearl bracelet & gemstone necklace, head ornament (which I decided not to detach from her head). She doesn't have a panty!
 I am a little disappointed that they used Velcro on her elegant gown.
Her black bolero is attached to her gown with a white fastener.
Her head ornament is attached to her head on the side with white fastener & sewn to her hair with purple  threads.
Her shoes are big for her and are secured to her feet with white rubber bands.

 A small piece of wax paper is used to avoid staining on her vinyl upper back.
A close up photo captures her blue eyes, long lashes & lavender-painted lips. She has fixed eyes.
 Her blonde wavy hair look thick but the strands are not as close together as I thought they would be.
This culinary lover has a rounder face as compared to the other Journey Girls Dolls.
It is a relief to see no stains on her vinyl body parts. The 2013 Holiday Edition, Jordanna, was marked © Geoffrey, LLC at the back of her neck but Mikaella has a mark not only at the back of her neck but also on her vinyl back torso. Like the other JG dolls, there is also a brand name tag attached to her cloth body.
 Here she is with another JG doll, Callie. It is not very obvious in the photo but Mikaella's face is rounder.
She is slimmer as compared to American Girl Dolls. Her legs, arms and body are thinner than AGs. Unlike AGs, she has vinyl upper torso and lower cloth body.
American Girl Dolls' torsos are more stuffed and bulky which make it hard for them to wear her outfit.
She is also more slender than the "A Life of Faith Dolls". It is evident that LOFs' heads are more in proportion with their body. Mikaella's slender legs could hardly keep her standing still. She jumped off the shelf more than 20 times during the photo shoot (or maybe she is just so excited to be out of her box that she couldn't contain herself.)
 She is more  proportionate with slimmer dolls such as "Magic Attic Dolls".
Her body size is also close to that of the Kidz 'n Cats Dolls.
The Kidz n' Cats Dolls, Henriette and Aletta have similarity with Mikaella's mouth.
Another doll line that I would like her to have comparison with is the "Maru and Friends". They are 20" and taller but they have slimmer legs and Arms. Her torso is smaller as compared to theirs.
Some doll lovers/collectors love to share outfits among their dolls. American Girl Doll, Julie, looks so elegant in Mikaella's gown. Sadly, it is too small for her. Surprisingly, her shoes fit just right!
American Girl Doll, Isabelle's outfit is big for her but her flats aren't bad.
Her gown and shoes do not fit A Life of Faith Doll.
A Life of Faith Doll, Elsie's outfit is big on her but doesn't look funny. Elsie's shoes though are big.
 Magic Attic Doll, Alison, is stunning in Mikaella's gown but the shoes are big.
Magic Attic Doll, Megan's skirt is small but Alison's outfit fits her well. It also surprises me that the other JG doll, Callie can wear the skirt pretty well.
Kidz 'n Cats doll, Henriette can wear Mikaella's gown and shoes.
Just like Magic Attic Doll outfits, some Kidz 'n Cats Dolls' outfits are too small for Mikaella. Some shoes are a little big too.
Although she can not wear Aletta's pink dress, she can wear Henriette's outfit pretty well.
The taller Maru and Friends doll, Jaime can wear her gown but the shoes are big for her.
Maru and Friends, Savannah's outfit is big for her but the boots fit well.
 Mikaella can share some clothes and shoes mostly with the slimmer dolls. For some reason, her own shoes are big for her. Some of the 18" Doll outfits may be too small for her as shown in the photos above. I also tried some 18" Doll outfits made by my favorite seamstresses and discovered that not all patterns can be used for her.

This outfit fits both the slim dolls "Magic Attic Dolls" and "Kidz 'n Cats" but is too small for Mikaella.
This other outfit is made by another great seamstress and it fits her well.