Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Life of Faith Doll - Elsie Dinsmore

I am not a very religious person but I strongly believe in God. So when I saw Life of Faith Dolls on ebay, I got curious about them, not only because they are known to be of high quality and comparable to American Girl Dolls but also because they remind me of the days I spent with my late grandmother (She was always reading Bible stories to me as a child). 

A life of Faith is a doll line based on the novel by Martha Finley. There are five characters - Elsie Dinsmore, Violet Travilla, Laylie Colbert, Kathleen McKenzie & Millie Keith. These 18 3/4" top quality all-vinyl dolls are dressed in historically accurate clothing by award-winning designers such as Doll Maker Robin Woods. They are now discontinued but are available in some websites such as Amazon and ebay.They are very collectible.

Elsie Dinsmore arrived today and I adore her. She didn't arrive with a book but i got to know her a little by reading the description on her box and hang tag that says " Over 30 years ago, a charming young southern heiress stole the heart of readers around the world as her captivating life story was told in a series of novels by Martha Finley. Published in 1868, the fictional stories of the sweet, lonely motherless girl growing up on a wealthy plantation in the mid 1800s were the best selling juvenile fiction of their day. Elsie's purity of heart, childlike faith, and strength in the face of adversity made her a role model to millions."

Here's Elsie Dinsmore with her box, Bible, hang tag, hairnet and original outfit. She has sparkling hazel eyes.
She is wigged with brown ringlets.
She is jointed and can be posed in different positions.

She can pray too!
Millie Keith finally has someone to share Bible stories with.