Sunday, January 19, 2014

Disney Animators' Collection Part II - Pocahontas and Snow White

Pocahontas is the very first Disney Animators' Collection that i bought and is the only doll I bought at the Disney Store for a regular price of $24.95. She was kept in the storage with Snow White (which i bought for $20 while on sale) for months until i finally took them back home yesterday to check on them.
Pocahontas and Snow White are animated by the same artist, Glen Keane.
 Pocahontas and Snow White are boxed and secured in the same manner as the other dolls that I have on Disney Animators' Collection Part 1 blog but with slight difference.

Left and right side of the boxes.
Bottom part of the boxes.
Like the other Disney Animators' Collection dolls, their feet are also attached at the bottom part of the display cardboard.

There's a slight difference on the way these two dolls are secured as compared to the other dolls. Unlike the other DAC dolls, their hair are not connected to the back with threads. Pocahontas' hair is sewn on a plastic strap plate which is attached at the back of the cardboard. Parts of her hair are also secured with rubber bands fastened to her wrists. Snow White's hair is secured with a hair net.
 Here they are finally out and free.

I was ecstatic when I saw Pocahontas' back. She is the only DAC doll I've reviewed with a protective piece of wax paper. I bought some dolls such as Masterpiece dolls which were wrapped with wax paper to avoid the clothes from staining the vinyl/plastic body.
It was disappointing to undressed her and discover that the wax paper was not good enough to protect the body from stains. There is a V shape brown stain on her back. I am not sure if this is a factory defect or is a stain from her faux suede dress.

There are also stains/marks on her left and right underarm. Even with the rubber hose, the twist tie used to secure her neck left a mark.

Her left and right calves as well as her left thigh have some markings too.
Like Pocahontas, Snow White is also stained from her dress. Her front, back and side are stained. The twist tie left a mark on her neck as well but not as bad as Pocahontas.
 The back of the neck is also stained by her satin headband.
 Her painted panty also has marks.
The most disappointing flaw that I saw on Snow White is the discoloration on her left hand, left arm and forehead. I have seen one doll like this before but it was a vintage plastic doll. I double checked the other DAC dolls I have and she is the only one with this.
 Here they are again together. They are tightly strung which requires more effort to move their heads and legs.  They can stand on their own but it is much easier for them to stand with their shoes on.
They are so cute in their outfits. Pocahontas is wearing a faux suede dress  with trims at the bottom. Her outfit is the only one which is not made of satin and not tagged. She doesn’t have shoes. She has a jeweled ribbon necklace with velcro closure. Hair is easily attracted to the velcro fibers and may cause the hair sticking to it. Out of all the DAC dolls I have, Pocahontas has the best hair quality. It is smooth and there is a small amount of gel used. I also noticed that Pocahontas is not much of a side glancing doll like the others. Snow White  looks so charming in her outfit. Her glittery dress and matching shoes make her stand out.
 With Snow White's hair net removed, the hair looks fuller.  
These two DAC princesses can sit with their legs wide apart, not so much of a princess huh? Well, they are toddlers and they are still enjoying being a child :)
 I have seen some really good outfits for Disney Animators' dolls. They are so adorable in them. So, if their outfits really stain their body, i guess it's time to be creative and make our imagination work. Let's play dress up!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Disney Animators' Collection Part 1 - Merida, Belle, and Ariel

I've heard some comments about Disney Animators' Collection dolls being made to stay inside their boxes for years of display and that they are not for play. Personally, i bought these cute dolls for the same reason. They just look so cute inside their boxes that taking them out feels like making them less valuable. But then again, i am collecting dolls not mainly for investment but for fun. I love redressing my dolls and taking photos of them.I also wanted to make sure that these dolls aren't just beautiful in the outside but also in the inside. Some doll outfits may stain the dolls.

Here are Belle, Ariel, and Merida. They are sold at the Disney Store for  $24.95 but there are times when they go on sale for as low as $15. I bought them while they were on sale. I think they are adorable! They are all 16" tall and are recommended for children ages three (3) and above. The front of the boxes contains almost the same information for all of them except that Merida's box shows "Disney PIXAR Animators' COLLECTION". I have no idea why the other dolls do not have the word "PIXAR".
 What makes the front box different is the animation. Other Disney Princesses such as My First  Disney Princess also have drawings of the princess in front but are not animated.
There are different talented Disney artists who animated the Disney Princesses. Some of them are Mark Henn (Belle), Glen Keane (Ariel and Rapunzel), and Matt Nolte (Merida).  This is what makes Disney Animators' different because they do acknowledge the artists. Some other brands normally have photos of little girls with the dolls.

The left side, right side, and bottom part of the boxes have character sketches by the animators. Other information such as choking hazard warning (in different languages) and registration numbers are also located at the bottom part of the boxes.
 The left flap of each box is printed with a part number, the name of the princess, and the word " Animator".
To open the boxes, just remove the tape at the top part of the boxes and pull the display cardboard up.
The dolls feet are all connected by twist ties to the bottom part of the display cardboard.
The back of the cardboard is where most doll parts are attached. Hair are attached with threads at the back (Some of Merida's hair is also attached on both sides of her box.) Heads are attached from the back into the head with plastic fastener so you have to cut the fastener to avoid it from sticking out from the head and hurting the child. The bottom of the dolls' gowns are all connected to the back with a plastic fastener
Untying the knotted twist ties is the hardest part of detaching the dolls from the cardboard.
 One thing that i noticed is the rubber hose on the twist ties on the neck of each doll. I believe these are meant to protect the neck from damage or scratches.
Both Belle and Ariel have small triangular cardboard securing their left wrist.
There is really nothing fancy about the display cardboard of the Animators' dolls. My First Disney Princess is more artistic. The headrests are different for each doll.
 This is a photo of the My First Disney Princess Cardboard. As you can see, they both have painted prints.
Now that they're out, i am anxious to explore them.Their big side glancing eyes are really gorgeous!Some of Ariel and Belle's hair are so brittle that they make sound when you rub them. It looks like they may have used gel to keep the hair in place.

Rapunzel joined in.
Ariel's scalp is showing but the distance between hair strands are not as bad as other inexpensive rooted dolls. Their hair are secured with rubber bands. I also included the My First Disney Princess dolls for comparison on how the hair were secured.
They have painted panties matching their gowns. Sadly, all of them except Rapunzel have stains on their body.
Their synthetic hair are long and have different colors and textures. Ariel's hair is bright red while Merida's hair is more of orange shade. I have to admit i am not so fond of curly hair. It requires extra care to avoid tangles.
Their elbows on both arms have a couple of cute dimples.
As i checked further on their bodies, i found out that their back and neck are marked © DISNEY CHINA and their underarms, inner thighs, and feet have some letters and numbers.
Princess Merida came with a glittering gown, leggings and shoes.
 Her gown stained her body really bad.
 Here's Animators', Merida with My First Disney Princess, Merida.
This is Belle. She is wearing her golden satin gown with golden pair of shoes and white socks with lace.

Her gown stained her back.
Just like Rapunzel, Ariel doesn't have shoes. She is wearing her satin seashell top and mermaid tail with glittering scales.

Her seashell top stained her chest and back. There are also some spots on her legs and thighs but i am not sure where they came from.
 Here's Disney Animators' Collection "Ariel" and My First Disney Princess "Ariel".
I hand washed their clothing to avoid more staining. I used bath soap on Ariel's outfit, mild detergent for Belle's gown and hand soap on Merida's gown. Their outfits are made cheaply so even a hand wash can damage the clothing easily. They are all with velcro closure, satin cloth and are not sewn securely.

Disney Animators' Collection dolls have distinct cute faces and i like their cute factor. Overall, i am not very satisfied because of the flaws but i am not very dissatisfied neither because they are unique and they are also fun to collect. Most children, especially the little ones do not care much about the stains but adult collectors may be concerned. I am not sure if Oxy can remove the stains but i do hope that there are easy ways to resolve this issue.