Monday, December 9, 2013

Disney Princess Merida The Brave

Palomar Community College in San Marcos California has five acre hillside on the main campus which was allocated for an arboretum. It has many trees, palms and bamboos from all over the world. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the nature. It also offers a perfect setting for photography. Can you guess who was delighted to go there this afternoon?

Yes, you guessed it right! It was the brave princess Merida!
She's still a toddler but she is ready for the hunt.
She was so brave climbing up the trees.

Do you think she is happy?
 No, not quite! She didn't stop until she reached the top!
 Wondering what she was so curious about?
 I don't have any idea what it was, but she sure was psyched.
 Just when i thought climbing is over, she had another adventure. Any idea what she was up to?
Rock climbing!
 Look at her happy face when she reached the top!
 Why did she climb another tree?
Poor Merida, she got tired! She needed a place to rest.
And she got hungry too.
 Merida was very brave and curious but she was wise enough not to eat the fruits at the park. She ate dinner at home and is now in bed. Maybe next time, hunting will be successful.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hearts For Hearts Girls - Changing the World One Heart at a Time

Shola is this year's addition to the 14" high quality and meaningful Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls by Playmates.  Why did i say meaningful dolls? It is because they represent real ten-year-old girls from real places in different parts of the world. Each has her own story to tell and ideas about how to make life better for her and her family, community, country, and the world. What's more inspiring is a portion of the funds generated by each doll are donated to non profits that help girls in her community. These dolls are being made with a mission  to invite girls to become agents of change – to improve the lives of girls in their communities, across their country, and around the world and with a  promise to deliver meaningful product and experiences and to tell girls, “You can help.  Hearts For Hearts Girls come with a friendship bracelet, comb and story book to help girls learn about and understand needs all over the world. They are recommended for children ages 6 and above.

When i saw Shola at our local Target, i did not have a second thought. She just had to come home with me. Like the other H4H Girls, her box was wonderfully made. Just by looking at the front box, you will see her  beautiful face as well as her name and country.
Opening the flip cover is like solving the mystery of a treasure chest. You'll get to see her and everything that comes with her  like her friendship bracelet, comb and storybook. The inside cover has her introduction, photos of real Afghan children, and a map of her country highlighting where she is from. There's a slight difference between the doll and the picture such as the shoes she's wearing.
The back of the box has the photographs of all the other Hearts For Hearts Girls.
Here's Shola outside her box. She has pink veil, blue gown, purple flats, three rubbery bracelets, and a pair of  golden earrings.
It was a shame that Shola was stuck in the shelf while i had so much fun with my other H4HG dolls. I really didn't want to redress her nor remove her veil but today, due to my curiosity about her, i decided to read about Afghanistan and found out that wearing veil is not a law anymore after the fall of the Taliban. They can now choose whether or not to wear the veil. I finally got the courage to remove her veil. Here she is without her veil. Her hair is tied at the back with a clear rubber band.
Her gold-green eyes are stunning! Her black hair is smooth but not as silky as Tipi's hair.
The only disappointment that i have with her is the spaces in between her rooted hair. There are big gaps in between strands.
Now that she is finally ready to be redressed, her friends, Mosi, Tipi, Lauryce, Rahel and Lillian join her in. It's dress up time! I wish there were more H4HG shoes to choose from, it will help Shola a lot.
They all have different hair styles.
They can move their hands and legs. They can also move their heads up, down, and side to side.
The animals want to play with them too.
The three girls wanted to know more about each other so they convinced everyone to introduce themselves. It is always fun to know about each other so i will let the girls introduce themselves.
Let's begin with Lillian.

Hi, i am Lillian from Belarus. I am 10 years old and i live with my grandmother because my parents have to work far. This is my country's flag and this is my storybook. My older sister and I sell our grandmother’s beautiful embroidery work at the local market. A man traded  cameras for some of grandmother’s sewing and i decided to give cameras to less fortunate girls in orphanages and have them take pictures about their lives. I work really hard to get the photos in a big city newspaper so people will understand the problems that the children face. If you want to know more about me and my friends, you visit, a kid-safe website that contains games,activities, videos, stories and more. Have fun!
Hello everyone! My name is Tipi and i am from Laos. This is our flag and i have a storybook too!
I love drawing, dancing, and helping my father tell stories about my country. Our village is poor and we are in need of books. I am determined to use my drawing skill to come up with a winning piece to help my school. I believe that having a dream can take you many places and brings you back with many stories to tell. Do you know that my friends and I are now on Facebook? I would love to check to check what updates they have about us.

A pleasant day to all of you! My name is Rahel, a courageous 10-year-old girl from Ethiopia. My parents say I was born with a kind heart that reaches out to those around me.I hope to become a doctor someday so i can make  a real difference when i grow up.

My name is Shola and i am from Afghanistan. I lost everyone in my family except my older sister, Mehri. Life is hard but i never give up hope. My sister and I spend days with the circus, learning and practicing in hope that one day we will bring hope to other children. By the way, this is our flag and my storybook.
What a wonderful day! My name is Mosi and this is my friend, Lauryce. We are both ten years old from the United States of America. I am from New Mexico and she is from New Orleans. Lauryce is a Hurricane Katrina survivor. She learned an important lesson about reaching out to help people and animals in need. She and her friend, Amelie, started LIL Hearts (Living in Louisiana Hearts) to raise money for Animal shelter. They volunteer at shelter events, do bake sales and charity walks, and even take care of pets for people on vacation. Just like her, i love animals too. I can't wait for Warrior, my pony to grow strong so i can ride him. I am sure we will have so much fun! I love our culture and i believe that everyone must look with a heart, not with eyes, to see the truth of how things are.