Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kidz 'n Cats, Evita's Animators' Collections Dolls Shopping at the Disney Store

It is wonderful to see a Disney Rewards card sitting on the table after a long tiring week. Today is just the perfect day to get the dollies more playmates and Kidz 'n Cats, Evita is the best companion in doll shopping.

Adorable Evita buckled up and ready to claim the rewards.

Can you tell how excited she was?!
She was first charmed by Elsa but someone from the corner of the Disney store captured her attention.

Oh! who else could it be but the cute Ariel on her bath tub!
She left the store with two Animators' dolls, Belle and Rapunzel.
On the way home, she was mesmerized by the sunset.
She couldn't resist the enchanting blue Pacific Ocean.
She welcomed the chilling breeze for a few minutes before heading back home.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gwen's visit to Universal Studios

Gwen, a retired poseable, 16" Hopscotch Hill doll has been a little neglected at home. She spent days on her shelf watching the other dollies try their new outfits on. One day, her mommy asked her what she wanted.
She immediately searched the internet for a fun way to spend the day with mommy.
Since she loves thrill rides and adventures, she asked mommy if they could go to Universal Studios in Hollywood California. Her mommy agreed.

 She used the coin-operated binoculars at the observation deck and had a great paronamic view of the San Fernando Valley and the San Gabriel Mountains.
What a spectacular view! 

Curious as she is, she had so much fun strolling with the luggage cart.
She enjoyed riding the motorcycle with a side car on display.

She met new friends much to her delight ( It would have been better if she was able to play with them)!

She thanked mommy before getting ready for bed.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hearts For Hearts Girls Inspired Typhoon Haiyan Victims Donation Campaign

My dolls made my life remarkably happy. I would spend so many hours on the internet just looking at the dolls from different Doll Collectors' Group, admiring the creativity of the artists and clothing designers (and sometimes i make outfits for my own dolls). This was my daily routine. But this past 3 days my mood changed.

As I watched the CNNI news about typhoon Haiyan devastating the Philippines, I felt so bad for them. I would dream of being rich so I could help (crazy right?) but then upon realizing that I myself is sometimes struggling, I couldn't do anything but sigh and utter, " I really can't do anything. There are a lot of people and companies and nations donating anyway." The more I tried convincing myself that I couldn't do anything but pray, the more I felt frustrated.
So then as a way of diverting my attention to a better day, I picked up one of my dolls  (it always worked in the past) and dressed her up. While doing that, I remembered what I told my nieces, "You don't have to be rich to be able to help." Then I noticed I was dressing up Lauryce, one of my Hearts for Hearts girls dolls. I then remembered that I bought them for the main reason that $1 goes to world vision for every purchase. World Vision is a charity group that helps poor children around the world. I also admire the philosophy behind creating these dolls (and they are really cute too).

Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls are based on the story of real life poor children from different parts of the world ( I hope to see one doll representing the Philippines in the near future :) ). They come with their story book telling how they make a difference in their own communities.  They are not rich but in their own simple ways, they are able to help others.

After dressing up Lauryce, I turned on the television and the very first thing I saw was a CNNI reporter interviewing the World Vision Coordinator from Cebu, Philippines. I was speechless for a minute watching the news while Lauryce stood on the desk staring at me. Oh! I just had to act. I don't have much money but I believe that within my community, or somewhere out there, there are people thinking the same way that I do.

I decided to post a donation campaign and wonderful things happened. Some may find it weird but my Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls inspired me in doing something that I never thought I would have the courage to do.

Here's Lauryce happy to receive the 2nd donation from Facebook group member.

 Aren't they excited sorting the donations?

They are hopeful that all these nice clothes will reach the victims.
Rahel just received more donations!

They helped each other in putting the clothes in their own respective boxes.

It was a long tiring day for the girls. Lauryce found something - a dime!
Lillian found one too! One Philippine Peso? hmmm... interesting!
Shola found $3!!!

The girls are always motivated and inspired to do a good cause.
Look! Everything's now ready for packing.
 There are no chores so hard with them working hand in hand.
Mabuhay Philippines! You are a strong nation and the world is with you!

Typhoon Haiyan took so many people lives and properties. It left many children orphaned and inflicted so much pain to the survivors. But it also brought so many nations together. It made it known that humanity is still so much alive!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Dollies Halloween: Trick or Treat!

The Halloween this year is memorable to the dollies . They dressed up early for trick or treating. They were anxious to have as many candies as they could. They knew exactly where to go.

They knocked at the door. Trick or treat!

How lucky they were! Saucy was right there waiting for them. Wendi's Halloween bag got full of candy canes ( awww! Christmas Candies on Halloween!). They chorused, " Thank you Saucy! Happy  Halloween!"
Oh no! They had to go back home. They must have spent so much time chatting with Saucy. They were supposed to meet up with Cathy in a couple of minutes. Cathy split up with them so she could go visit Zilpa, their 90-year old Jewish friend. They hurriedly went back home and found Cathy just about to open the door.
" How's our friend, Zilpa? I bet you had a good time with her." asked Olivia.
" She is doing great! She is so generous today." answered Cathy. 
" Look at what she gave me! I am going to share this with all of you!"
They were all surprised upon seeing what she brought home. "Wow! Chocolates!" 

They instantly opened it and gave each other their fair share.

They agreed to share the rest to their mommy and daddy.

"Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.”
Charlotte Brontë

Thursday, November 7, 2013

BFC Ink Dolls with H4H sisters at the Coronado Beach

Did you know that Coronado beach was consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the world? It was recognized as the 2nd best  in the world in 2011 and was voted #1 in the United States in 2012 by Dr. Beach. This wonderful place  is a paradise the dollies have  discovered recently.

18" poseable BFC Ink dollies (Noelle, Aleisha, and Kaithlyn) started the day as usual reading their favorite story books.
Tipi and Mosi spent time together playing pirates.
A moment later, Lillian surprised everyone showing up in her bathing suit. Who's in for fun?
Hurray! Everyone rushed to their closet to get their bathing suits. Off to Coronado Beach they went.
They worked together building a sand castle despite the strong wind ( Noelle had a bad hair day).
They played under the sun. Can you tell they had so much fun!

They feasted their eyes on the bewitching blue pacific ocean.

They sealed the day with pictorials.